Why I dream of a trip to Iceland

Many of us have one or destinations that attract long. Like a magnet, our mind sometimes dreams to share in these distant lands. For me, one of the country is Iceland.

As an irresistible urge.

There are countries that attract us for a long time, sometimes from childhood. I'm sure you know what I mean.

These destinations have returned to our mind with images, film, magazines or book. Regularly wanderlust in those countries again and again returns. It is like a refrain that keeps coming.

The only solution we know, I know, is to travel to these countries to stop that urge. Envy can sometimes become an obsession.

This reminds me of an encounter I made in Chile earlier this year. Nicolas, an English original French told me his story. His childhood and adolescence, he was obsessed by Australia. Y travel was for him an obsession. Why this obsession?

The answer came a few years later. As an adult, he learned that he had been adopted in Australia ... It was a revelation and relief, that he knew the cause of this desire. And he had a purpose.

He therefore went there in search of his adoptive parents. He traveled to Australia for months.

Mind you, many French have a strong desire to visit Australia, I'm one too!

In general, we are often conditioned by our childhood dreams. This is often what drives us to undertake things. You see what I mean?

My travel cravings are probably related to my childhood. I must say that I read so many magazine as Distant Lands or other ....

My Iceland

It is difficult for me to say for what reasons Iceland attracts me a long time. The scenery of the North in general have always attracted me.

These are sparsely populated lands, where nature is still queen.

Moreover, in the case of Iceland is an island, which adds to its charm I think. An island is still work more imagination, do not you think?

The people of the islands were often isolated for a long time, so for Icelanders. They always are in some way because of their geographical location.

A good thing, because this situation has allowed Iceland to stay out of wars in the European continent.

For most people, Iceland is incredible scenery, geysers, volcanoes, a paradise for hiking and nature.

For some, the Iceland volcano is associated with an unpronounceable name: Eyjafjallajökull. You remember, the volcano that dared block a portion of air traffic in Europe.

What to see in Iceland?

Nature and Nature again!

Snaefellsnes peninsula.

This was made famous by the Jules Verne novel "Journey to the Center of the Earth". You can then remprunter road number 1 to observe other natural curiosities.

Comptoir des Voyages also offers a 15-day circuit based on this theme.
Iceland was sculpted by volcanoes subglacial southeast of the country. Or the huge ice caps of its territory. Unique landscapes in Europe in Lanzarote.

The relationship with water: an art of vivreAvec nature and volcanoes, is another image that many associate with Iceland.

Summer or winter, many hot springs make it possible to enjoy these pleasures baths, natural swimming pools, here is an experience not to be missed!

Flora and fauna

Beside many horses and sheep, Iceland has unique species, seals, sea birds and waders.

In terms of vegetation, Iceland, these are landscapes of willow and birch forests, not forgetting the toundra.Mousses and lichens are also part of this postcard landscape.

What is the best season?

In climate, ideal for traveling in Iceland, it's summer course.

By cons, it was at this time that prices are highest

If you go in spring or fall, you'll save money and you'll come across fewer people on the trail. And then the southeast side of the island, thanks to the Gulf Stream, offers sublime landscapes.

For my part, I intend to land there in May or June or September next year. My goal ? Discover the landscape through walking. And you ? Already perhaps?

The Source : www.instinct-voyageur.fr

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