10 of the most authentic restaurants in the United States

Some occasions require dinner luxury. A marriage proposal, signing a contract, the awaited reunion ... such events can not take place in the humidity of a fast food. Fortunately, there is to date the most appropriate places.

The price of meals in restaurants of this ranking may seem exorbitant, but you will understand by reading this article that listed brands offer much more than a meal.

10 - Melissa, Los Angeles

Located in Santa Monica, the house is run by chef Josiah Citrin on, for 14 years. with great pomp, It serves modern French cuisine, mainly. Dishes go great traditional recipes and bold flavors.

9 - Victoria & Albert's, Lake Buena Vista (Florida)

Victoria and Albert have the gift to work wonders with what they have on hand. With a special emphasis on service, the house offers a great time for all customers.

8 - Guy Savoy, Las Vegas

Awarded three Michelin stars, Guy Savoy, and French cuisine knew deep to mark the culinary landscape of Las Vegas. Back in February, Guy Savoy also received the prestigious Forbes Five Stars.

Among the specialties, there are the black truffle soup, crispy sea bass, silky artichoke caviar and the many shades.

7 - Moto, Chicago

Known as a very innovative dishes to mislead the barge - not quality, rest assured - with visual illusions cooking fantastic. For example, you can enjoy a pot of flowers that land edible. More recently, it includes blackout seasonal menu big mouth bass (black bass English).

6 - Joël Robuchon, Las Vegas

With "L'Atelier", located in Hotel-Casino 5 stars MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, the famous French chef Joël Robuchon intends to propose a conceptual kitchen that "redefines casual dinner."

the workshop of the card is divided into two sections. The first offers a selection of small plates that encourage sharing and experimentation. The second is more traditional.

5 - Alinea, Chicago

Every meal at Alinea begins with the Osetra caviar topped bun foam, an egg cream, capers and onions to gelatin. Served with a Champagne Special Club 2005, we quickly understand the fare in this restaurant. There is also no menu, no card, no choice.

The exuberance of the restaurant is one of its main assets and makes it particularly striking and pleasant meal for the customer.

4 - Meadowood, St. Helena, California

After booking your table at Meadowood, your group will be questioned about his likes and dislikes, as well as any allergies. Taking account of this interview, the chef offers a customized menu based on seasonal ingredients, local, sometimes even grown around the restaurant.

3 -French Laundry, California

Chef Thomas Keller managed to blend traditional techniques and contemporary American food. This is why the French Laundry redefines California gastronomic standards.
In 2012, the restaurant has notably received the AAA Five Diamonds Award, a prestigious and coveted. As in Per Se, the house offers a menu that changes daily.

2 - Urasawa, Beverly Hills

One of the best Japanese restaurants in America stands in Beverly Hills, in a small alcove above Rodeo Drive. Here, a meal for two often over $ 1000 cost.

Throughout the meal, which sometimes extends over three hours, the clients see scroll sushi dishes with caviar and 24 karat gold flakes.

1- Masa, New York

Masa Takayama, King of Sushi in Los Angeles, came to New York to head a Japanese adage a little crazy: A meal of the highest quality is worth any price.
If you dine in this little overly expensive restaurant, be sure to sit at the bar, preferably before Masa itself. This is not just a meal but a real event based risotto served with truffles, Kobe beef sukiyaki and slices of foie gras cooked in a small pot shabu-shabu.

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