5 of the best luxury places in New Zealand

If you wish to visit New Zealand? You can discover this beautiful country during a road trip in a rental mobile home. This is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape and explore the big cities.

Discover Auckland
City knows a lot of the population, and Auckland is located in the North Island. Otinaqdhae your time where you can head to Queen Street, one of the busiest streets shopping. You can also visit the Sky Tower, with a height of 328 Mitr.amkink walk to Marina Bay to enjoy the magnificent boats. Take the direction of Auckland Art Gallery, where you can learn the history of private Maori. Or make fun Excursions in Cornwall Park.

Bay of Islands

Through your visit to the Gulf island, you can choose from many activities. You can go for a swim with the dolphins. You can also discover Russell, a beautiful seaside village. Unlike that. Or you can simply choose to relax on the beach.

The Waitomo Caves

Waitomo caves that are part of the most beautiful places we have in Oceania is located in the North Island. Discovered in 1887, it became the place is very Alsaahih.walta give the impression of seeing the stars in the caves.


Wellington, the capital, are also part of destinations to visit. You can get on the Wellington cable car to go to the Botanical Garden. Please also take the direction of Mount Victoria for a stunning view of the city. As for sightseeing, you can enter the Te Papa, the National Museum of New Zealand and the Museum of Wellington City & Sea.


And is located south of Christchurch, you will discover historic charm. You can also stroll through the botanical gardens in Christchurch or in Hagley Park. You can enter the Canterbury Museum or the Air Force Museum. Christchurch is also at the crossroads of many tourist sites.

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