A Different Christmas in Lisbon

Over time, some European cities have positioned themselves as reference destinations to spend Christmas, either through its Christmas markets, the potential for purchases or charm that breaks once it arrives the Christmas decorations. Although there is no doubt that Christmas holidays are guaranteed in cities like Rome, Paris, London or Prague, Lisbon offers different, original and fun to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas alternatives.

Several reasons make Lisbon a successful destination for Christmas. First, the closeness of the Portuguese capital is very drinkable, flying to just one hour and 15 minutes from Madrid and just under two hours from Barcelona. Second, a mild climate in December with average temperatures between 18º and 10º C, in addition to its competitive prices, perfect to buy Christmas treats well and eat well at affordable rates.

And there are still other reasons has to do with the festive and joyful spirit of the people of Lisbon that makes the holidays Lisbon an unforgettable experience as well as to view the main squares and attractions gowns for the occasion. The main streets of its most vibrant neighborhoods, from Chiado to Bairro Alto, through Alfama and Baixa, are decorated with bright Christmas lights, where stands the legendary Christmas Tree Square Trade, where Lisboa's receive the traditionally year a clock for the countdown is installed.

Christmas concerts in Lisbon are a tradition in the city and are held in some of the most important churches in the city, including the Church of Santo Domingo, the Basilica da Estrela, the Church of San Roque or the Church of Graça, many of them free of charge. Other Christmas attractions that may interest you are the ice rink in Campo Pequeno, Vasco da Gama shopping center, Parque Eduardo VII and the Coliseu dos Recreios.

Please note that Christmas Eve is usually a family celebration in Portugal, so the liveliest in the streets festival usually reserved for New Year's Eve, however, many Lisboa's restaurants offer the special menu for both Christmas and New Year's Eve at prices more than correct.
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