A tour of the beautiful Belgian cities

In fact, living in the north of France happens regularly to go to Belgium. I'll try to provide Belgium by these places and important cities that make its charm.

Discover Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, with almost 1.3 million inhabitants and also one of the most tourist cities of the country. Indeed, some of these iconic monuments and places attract crowds. One can, of course, mention the famous Manneken Pis, the most famous statue in Brussels. You can also admire the beautiful square of Brussels city hall or the house of the King.

Discover Mons

Mons is a city of 95,000 people located about 60 kilometers southwest of Brussels. This city, which was in 2015, European Capital of Culture has a rich heritage effect cultural.En you can discover the main square in Mons, the city council and the monkey main goalkeeper, the city gate of happiness bell and the Spanish House. You will also get the collective discovery of St. Waudru or Vaux Hall. You have to understand Mons is architecturally rich city culturally.

Discover Bruges

Bruges is a favorite city. Nicknamed the Venice of the North, this city has many canals.
The charm of Bruges is undeniable, this city has many museums and like all major cities in Belgium, Bruges has its main square, the town hall and its belfry typical of cities in Belgium and northern France. Bruges and its canals are world heritage of UNESCO.

Discover Antwerp

Antwerp is the second most populous city in Belgium with over 500 000 inhabitants. This town has become famous thanks to its diamond industry. Indeed, Antwerp has a large number of diamond-related stores such as stonemasons or scholarships diamonds. In addition to the Grand Place and City Hall, Antwerp has one of the largest zoos in Belgium that I highly recommend.

Discover Tournai

Tournai is one of the most beautiful cities of Belgium. The architectural heritage of Tournai is very rich, especially its religious heritage with many churches, a cathedral, and a belfry, both listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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