Chanel Boy Friend: A watch for woman

As many major fashion brands like Chanel violate codes and overthrow the established order. This can be a way to reflect on our society, to convey a message or simply create new clothing styles.

This watch for women, whose graceful form and light marries beautifully feminine wrist, nonetheless imprint many aesthetic codes in the men's watches.

His black alligator leather strap or its rectangular shape are such rare in women's styles. Once worn, this accessory directly exudes a bold impression of strong character and tenacity. It is, therefore, perfect for the most seasoned women entrepreneurs or seasoned upper part proud of their course.

Furthermore, the elegant and refined form of this watch echoes the First Chanel, whose shape resumed that of Chanel perfume bottle No. 5. Of course, it is a luxury item, including the box and borders 18K gold, inlaid with diamonds, will charm the eye.

Chanel Boy Friend will be available from September next in all Chanel boutiques in six different versions. The case is available in two sizes: medium (34,6 x 26,7mm) or wide (37 x 28.6mm). The medium version can be paved with 64 diamonds against 66 for the large version. It is also available in two materials: Beige Gold or White Gold.

Depending on the model, the price ranges between 11,000 and 25,000 euros.

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