HE first class aboard Etihad Airways.

Etihad Airways was founded in July 2003 and began commercial flights in November 2003 and since that time the airline going vigorous steps towards the heights to become the fastest growing in the history of commercial aviation airline.

Etihad has managed, the national airline of the U.A.E. State, occupy a prominent place and move up the ranks of the world's leading airline industry during the ten years of her life. The company derived its name ' the Union ' spirit of State derived from the Union its strength and its evolution.

Emirates airline company always strives to reflect the authenticity of the hospitality of the Arab and generosity, as well as seek to strengthen Abu Dhabi's position as an important connecting East and West, and its goal to be a leader in the twenty-first century, the airline, change prevailing in the world of aviation and hospitality in the skies concepts.

Emirates receives every year a set of awards reflect its position as the world's luxury airline, these prizes awarded ' airline pilot ' awarded by world travel awards obtained for five years in a row.

Etihad Airways quoted the concept of luxury air to a higher level of new degrees through the new partnership established with the world's leading services Ten Group, which will offer travelers exceptional service with the work of the author of ten people will be keen on a greater well-being for them in Residences secured by Etihad company team .

This team will attend with him to board his own experience working at the same time with the Butlers with Etihad Airways. These services will include basically food and booking reservations in places and entertainment, in addition to the events, special events and information on the destinations, do not forget the luxury services they provide the personal and individual way to the traveler feel like a fly on board his private plane.

Says Chief Commercial Officer at Etihad Airways, Peter Baumgartner as whether travel goal is booking has been at the last minute in a luxurious restaurant in London or to attend a show on Broadway or cards may even cut to buy blue desperately scarce, it will be the fleet of this company on ready and fully connected to believe the traveler needed his help to come down in Residences by Etihad immediately without any obstacles, 24 hours a day at an altitude of 35,000 feet. Also, it adds that the traveler will receive the highest levels of luxury and specialized service that will make him feel like an important guest in the world's most luxurious hotels.

The Source :  www.etihad.com
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