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North Hiroshima modest and gentle Shimane province. Not necessarily the first place that comes to mind when one begins to discover the country of the rising sun ... I invite you to discover the charming Matsu we showed you in detail here. For the rest, follow the guide, and we promise you will not regret it.

Izumo, the land of gods and noodles

Less than an hour Matsu, Izumo home to one of the most famous temples in Japan. In Izumo Taisha Shrine is the influence of the most important and oldest place of worship in the Shinto religion. It is in some kind of Mount Olympus because it serves as shrines to the gods on the occasion of the birth of the beliefs associated with it geographically. If all the gods do not have a chance to live permanently at the site, but they give it a go once a year. The temple itself is impressive enough, but we must imagine achieving legitimacy is better than its reputation that it was built on top of huge columns missing today.

It seems archaeological work to check it out, and if this is the case, and this temple one day finds his niche incredible, in the meantime, you can still enjoy, in addition to the natural charm of the site, the largest national flag and the largest rice ritual braided straw all over Japan . At least three tons of the latter, saying beautiful baby!

This beautiful chimenea will also go poetic form remember two tangled get to the restaurant Haniyeh, the sacred temple of soba lovers this time. In fact, soba, the buckwheat noodles, to the delight of locals and foreigners and is one of the most popular specialties tasting food in the region. so as Shimane interfere spices and sauce before being swallowed with delight. I must say they are particularly fragrant, firm and delicious at the same time. It is also hot food. It is equally delicious but perhaps less subtle. We can finally eat like us, too greedy, that is to say twice, cold and hot.

Adachi, the most beautiful garden in japan?

Yokohama Garden, with Japan, is that you will never be at the end of your surprises. Adachi Park - no, and Adachi Museum of Art - Paso GA, Shimane is a unique park of its kind in the world. Perhaps the most beautiful of Japan. The result is surprising, and could spend hours contemplating this type arranged perfection

To make matters worse, the collection of art in and of itself really interesting, and I fell literally in awe more than printing. When I say that we can spend hours in this museum, it's not a joke. So I regretted it was a bit pressed for time. In any case, do a good job, anyway, it would have one year to do to take full advantage of the work in the garden of the changing seasons. No regrets after that, but already the desire to return.

Yuushien, even the most beautiful garden in Japan?

Impossible ... they only have magnificent gardens in Japan? You have to believe ... So it gets difficult at this level to participate. Deacon in-Jima island in Yatsuka, is the house of peony blooms in every season. You will understand, and the peony is the queen of the place. As found in all colors and new strains even invented there. In addition to a small house where the blooming peonies in fact permanently, put on a large and beautiful garden in elegant and harmonious in particular. Unlike French gardens that forced the technical dimension of the popular symmetries and Japanese Gardens seeks to sublimate nature while maintaining the vitality and essence.

The result is simply stunning. Less technical, which Adachi, it has the visitor an invitation to walk and not just a meditation advantage. Frankly, Adachi, Yuushien Sankeien all three different so it would be a shame to park recommends instead of another. Each show three, each in its own way, a very enjoyable experience and also complements the idea that we can make all the richness of a Japanese garden. A final argument is still for Yuushien: restaurants. We had a chance to enjoy Ryouteibento deliciously. At the same time, the other parks also have their own restaurant, but very greedy and we can not eat everywhere all the time ...

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