Las Ramblas… in Barcelona !

Las Ramblas

  The most famous street in Barcelona and separates the 'barrios' of Arriba and "Gothic Quarter" and is one of the busiest streets because of its popularity among tourists and locals alike.
La Rambla extends for a distance of 1.2 kilometers and a tree-lined, giving it a beautiful shape

The best you can do in Las Ramblas

  Of the best things you can do in the street La Rambla is to enjoy seeing buildings with attractive architecture and that despite the fact that much of it is occupied by shops on the ground floor, but the building, such as Sabadell with its architectural influences Chinese kidnapped sight.

Kept many tourists during their visit to La Rambla street to eat in the Boqueria market is the main market in Barcelona and there was succeeded by many small restaurants but if you want to eat your fruits or fruit salad dishes can be bought from stalls in the forefront of the market.

Months of the things that makes sure visitors to Las Ramblas boulevard vision of "human statues" They are a group of amateur actors who proliferate in this region so that you feel like you're going to the museum of sculpture and they perform acrobatics and tricks and dances uniquely.

The theater lovers, they can attend a theater-month deals in Barcelona "Theater Lisu" which offers performances from Las Ramblas throughout the year.
Like the famous Madame Tussauds wax found in "Las Ramblas" Street wax museum featuring mélange global famous personalities.

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