Luxury home in Miami Beach - Florida

Many homes of high standing amazing, sometimes confusing or opulent are in the state of Florida because of its tropical climate but not only. It is true that the exotic landscapes are common here and it is good to come to warm up during the winter for a week or two or even more if we have the chance to own a secondary residence in this state.

Here is a luxury house in Miami Beach and is overlooking a small bay and has a great view of the water from its second level. In this case, it is a beautiful house with the luxurious interior where exotic wood is highlighted and is probably the preferred material of the designer.

The use of granite and marble highlights the Retro-influenced 50. The solid exotic wood panel subtly delineates the dining room of modern living.

The view of the infinity pool in the garden is perfect and is a veritable panorama of almost 360 for the ground floor of this beautiful luxury home. The atmosphere whole exudes clarity and contemporary influence with some personal decorative touches.

The Source : Florida
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