Map of museums of Tenerife

Flights from Madrid to Tenerife have markedly increased their popularity throughout this year, and that Tenerife has become one of the locations that higher profits earned by tourism, closing the year 2012 with excellent numbers, and waiting with great expectations the arrival of a new year that promises great benefits.

One of the new features travelers can find this destination can decide, for example, to make the weekends begin large in 2013, it confirms the fact that museums Tenerife cooperate with the development of the private street map of Santa Cruz for tourists very special with the intention that travelers find all the information they need to take their holiday, with media platforms applied to various places and museums, in addition to the coupon offers discounted admission riding nature and human Museum, it is highly recommended.

The map is already in full circulation, they have been published so far approximately 60,000 copies, and is highly recommended for all travelers who are willing to get involved a little more with culture, art, and history, as it can not be otherwise, nourishes the mind and spirit of societies and must always give them a place of excellence.

Once in destinations, travelers can approach any tourist information center to get your map of museums, plus many other brochures with information on other sights and attractions found in Tenerife. They also left over data on sites which get suitable accommodation for all types of tourists on holiday, plus offers and discounts to eat at different restaurants of the place, while taking into account that every day the news and benefits are renewed that They offer all the time to tourists coming from all over the world.

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