One night in a hotel Salman - Marrakech

Beautiful hotels abound in Marrakech, and the finest hotels in the world are found there. But one of them stands out from others. and unlike many other hotels in the center, it is in the exclusive, and not in foil. Less pompous than La Mamounia, more private than the Sofitel, and more refined than the Royal Mansour, the Selman is a curiosity, somewhere between family house and luxury hotel. A real success. The hotel is a stud farm, where you can admire a magnificent collection of horses in the box or on lawns.

From the terrace of her room, you can admire the magnificent Selman's galloping in the paddock. The curious customers can enjoy a tour of the private stud farm cart, where he can admire and pet the thoroughbreds. Horses are treated at least as well as customers, which is no small compliment the service is attentive, personalized and irreproachable, the janitor to the director via the servers. The quality of this hotel is in also feels already on the internet before going there: TripAdvisor, not only all the customers praise the quality of this hotel outside the norm, but it also takes your answer each comment.

Ten minutes from downtown Marrakech, the hotel is ideally located to blow between visits from the noisy Marrakech. The absolute tranquility around the pool is welcome after a day in the souks. This silence is broken only occasionally by the neighing of horses (the stables overlooking the pool). The hotel is both luxurious and refined, with a design by Jacques Garcia (the architect of La Mamounia): an oriental refinement sober, elegant and contemporary, with great attention to detail. The spa is wonderful and among the best in Marrakech, including the not offer a cure for fitness.

The terraces of the rooms overlook the large central swimming pool: it is surrounded by palm trees and you will always find a server to bring you fresh water and fruit kebabs. It's 80 meters length gives it another advantage: the pool loungers are far enough from each other to not feel glued to the neighbors (which is far from the case on other nearest luxury hotels of the center). Like the rest of the hotel, the kitchen also offers dishes very fine and refined.

The only drawback to this hotel in the end is that in too tasted the joys between steam room and pool, evening campfire and Sunday brunch (one of the best brunches that we have tasted, made with lobster , shrimp, urchins, clams, oysters, accompanied by Moroccan specialties), we end up not returning to Marrakech. With its tranquility and comfort, Selman has everything a Circe. Note: For the best experience, the best is to choose a Riyadh with private pool to enjoy a moment of luxury and extreme refinement.

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