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When you think about doing any tourist trip, all you think about is the charming landscapes and beautiful weather and natural beauty and urban area and memorable Hotel does you get down. The latter must be at the top of the luxury and offers you the utmost luxury and all the services and facilities that make your stay very comfortable and relaxed.

You are invited to go with us this time to the Mediterranean Sea, specifically to the French city of Nice to enjoy its beauty and charm and splendor of its streets and historic buildings, as you will be able to enjoy its sandy beaches stretching and magnificent crystal waters and hotels excessive luxury. You chose a hotel superior to other hotels in the luxury, luxury, and splendor, the Hyatt Regency Nice Palais Nice Hyatt Regency Palace which sums up everything that you dream of doing on a luxury holiday.

Overlooking the Bay of Angels Bay, which is the most beautiful area in the city of Nice, which is a jewel in itself in a style inspired by the- Art D├ęco. This magnificent hotel consists of nine floors and is characterized by the elegant facade is traditional, and consists of 187 guest rooms in addition to the nine luxury successes with stunning interior design, and follows each room and suite balcony overlooking the view of the sea and the horizon for Rivera.

Gets all of the guests on the charming views of the Mediterranean Sea or the city of Nice, also have access to a range of facilities with a high degree of global luxury worthy of kings, as well as excellent service that will make you the ultimate in comfort. Hyatt Regency Hotel Nice Palais Hyatt Regency Nice Palace depends on the first impression of a guest and is considered very important, so you find immediately logged super dose of luxury in the decor basic lobby, which is dominated by Italian marble luxury mixed with transparent glass and polished wood, which gives the decor Excellency incomparable. Will leave this wonderful scenery confused between whether you are in paradise, or in a dream, above the clouds.

Rooms are decorated in designer luxury furnished and beautiful pieces of furniture ethereal comfortable beds and couches, and beat them quiet colors with a touch of flagrant such as purple or pink or red color breathes life and luster. These rooms tend to Gaga hat character and modern, and find equipped with all the facilities that make your stay in the utmost comfort.

We turn to the section on food, and you can taste the delicious cuisine and cocktails at Le Restaurant, which serves you a delicious Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a list containing the finest French and international wines. You can also eat in the open air at La Terrasse next to the swimming pool and take advantage of culinary delicacies with the most beautiful scenic. In the evening, if you want a luxurious sipping drink, we might want to go to Le Bar, which offers a long list of drinks.

As for the activities that you can do at the Hyatt Regency Nice Palais Hyatt Regency Palace Nice are diverse and numerous, from the swimming pool that you can relax beside the swimming in the refreshing waters, you can also go to the spa and get to relax and rest. We recommend you also go out to the beach and swimming in the warm sea water and enjoy water sports fun.

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