The Majorelle Garden :The Bahia Palace

Today we return to sunny Morocco and specifically in Marrakech, where one of the must visits with the Majorelle Garden is the Bahia Palace. This is opposite the jewelers bazaar near the Mellah area, the Jewish Quarter. This palace is not very old, having been built in the second half of the nineteenth century by Ba Ahmed, vizier of Sultan Moulay Hassan and Abdelaziz.

It took seven years of work to build this gigantic remains - yes it was the place for Ba Ahmed had four legitimate wives and twenty-four concubines! On nearly hui hectares, there are 150 rooms, and all on one level, because the vizier did not like stairs.

Admire the work of plaster on top of that door! Cedar wood is very present too, for doors and ceilings (see below).

We go from Petit Riad, full of banana trees and orange groves, the Little Court ... uttering little cries so the decor is rich, zelliges (pieces of colored tiles) everywhere on the floor and on the walls ... The doors richly worked ...

In 1912, during the period of the French protectorate, the Bahia Palace was the residence of General Lyautey, who made adding some chimneys that were not originally present, as well as electricity. It is in the Petit Riad he had arranged his rooms; rooms around the Little Court were reserved for officers.

Even if it hurts a little neck, you have to admire the painted ceilings, all different, and carved that are beautiful in Atlas cedar. They are colored with natural products like henna, saffron, pomegranate, or even yellow and egg white! In patios, water jet basins are marble Meknes

I advise you to have your guide or other business support found on the internet during your visit, because nothing is distributed when purchasing the ticket, alas, and locally there is very little information displayed to describe the parts or course, patios ...

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