The umbrella, a story of Aurillac

For many centuries, the parasol is used for protection from the sun. But historians do not agree on the origin of the umbrella. It would come from China. For others, it would have been created in Egypt. What is certain is that women were the first to use this object against moisture.

The history of the umbrella

Some say it all began in Italy during the second century. At the time, Pope Alexander 3 allowed the Doge of Venice to carry an umbrella against the rain. This was reserved only during religious ceremonies. French woman making dependency during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Only then it is used for rain.

It Catherine of Braganza, King Charles II of England's wife, where a canopy of Portugal recorded in the seventeenth century. Until the eighteenth century, Sir Jonas Hanway, the use of these umbrellas did not become fashionable. It was reserved for women, and this is England, and one of the men first used the umbrella in the shower. In addition, according to legend, myths likened to open the umbrella inside a building comes from that time. In 1682, Saudi Ambassador Prince Rupert Batam present with two large umbrellas.

From the eighteenth century, the first patents concerning the umbrellas are deposited. Many businesses open in France.

Why is Aurillac umbrella of the capital?

According to legend, Aurillac, the capital of the umbrella, comes from the river that runs through the city. So carted Jordanne gold glitter. Then exchanged the gold against copper, brought by pilgrims on the road to Saint Jacques de Compostela. Of copper, many metal parts are designed. As the surrounding forests are rich, masts and wooden handles industry evolve.

The metal parts. Wood. Cotton canvas. All is well met to an umbrella. Many companies dedicated to the manufacture of umbrellas will thus emerge in Aurillac. And in 1998, "The Aurillac" label will be created.

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